Feldenkrais Method Dublin - Welcome

The Feldenkrais Method and The Anat Baniel Method are neurologically based and powerful ways to overcome limitations of movement, thought and action for both adults and children.

Individual sessions - Adults

Individual sessions called Functional Integration, are created uniquely for each person. The method assists clients to transform limiting habits of movement and action. This leads to a wide range of benefits. I work with children and adults of all ages with a wide variety of issues.

Anat Baniel Method - Children with special needs

The Anat Baniel Method is a powerfully effective yet gentle approach to assisting children with special needs to thrive and move toward their next developmental step.

Adult Group Classes

The group classes consist of the largest body of movement work in the world and are an enjoyable and ingenious way to improve mobility and function, deepen body awareness and assist the nervous system to find new, improved ways of acting, moving, feeling and thinking.