About Mark

Mark Keogh

I am excited and enthusiastic about the work I do with adults and children with special needs. I qualified from a 4 year training in Switzerland in 2004 (Trainers:Paul and Julie Rubin, Karl Ginsburg, Miriam Pfeffer). I came to the method from an interest in movement, education, meditation and in a search to relieve headaches I had suffered from at the time. There is fascinating, open-ended potential in this method to improve the quality of many aspects of our life. The work continues to develop through my work with clients and by ongoing trainings with experienced teachers, all of whom were trained by Moshe Feldenkrais himself.

On top of my Feldenkrais training I have completed a one year training with Anat Baniel who has over 30 years experience and is known around the world for her work with children with special needs. I have previously studied with Russell Delman whose "Embodied Life" work combines Feldenkrais, the Focusing work of Gene Gendlin and sitting meditation (3 year part-time, Switzerland).

Since 2004 I have worked with adults and children with a wide range of interests, backgrounds and difficulties in Ireland and Switzerland.


Feldenkrais Method practitioner (2000-2004. Basel, Switzerland)

Embodied Life practitioner (2008-2010. Morschach, Switzerland)

Anat Baniel Practitioner for children with special needs.(2011-2013 San Rafael, California.)

Further training specialising on children with special needs with Nancy Aberle and Lynn Bullock (Sweden and Switzerland, 2014 - ongoing)