Anat Baniel Method (Ireland) for children with special needs

Anat Baniel Method is a science-based approach to assisting children with special needs to improve on many levels of their development. In an Anat Baniel lesson we provide the child with opportunities to -

How do we work with children?

We use gentle movements and a focused touch to assist children to learn what they need for their next level of development. Each lesson is a response to the child's current ability and we may work with rolling, use of arms or legs, transitions to sit or stand. Rather than drilling the child to do what they cannot, we provide them with the opportunity to learn the missing elements which will assist them to go further. We work in respectful manner meeting your child at his/her current ability.

In which ways can the method help children?

The method is beneficial for children with a variety of neurological, developmental and genetic conditions because it works with the nervous system's extraordinary capacity to learn given the optimum conditions. The principles of ABM are summarised in The 9 Essentials The work is used to benefit children diagnosed with the following conditions and challenges

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Lessons are 40-50 minutes long.

Structuring lessons

Each child has different needs and experience is showing us that clustering sessions together is having greater effectiveness on the learning and positive outcomes for the children. I work with parents to structure a program which suits the needs of their child, as well as the parents time availability and financial situation. It is important to see outcomes from the work. As a general rule of thumb parents should be seeing improvements within the first 6 sessions. Often this happens sooner. I recommend parents to book an initial 8 sessions and watch for improvements outside of the lessons. After these sessions we will have a clearer idea of the impact of the sessions. Clustering sessions together works very well for most children. Rather like picking up a language it is more effective to immerse oneself in the learning over a sustained period.

Anat Baniel talking about the important role of learning and the brain for children with special needs.


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